The Bohra Community, though small, has certain special features, which have enabled it to carve out a name for itself in the life of the nation. Its strong religious roots, its compact social order, its sharp eye for business, its powerful code of conduct, and its sturdy discipline are mainly responsible for its flourishing condition and growing importance.

The individual here sets out on his life’s journey, guided and helped by his leaders, and is anxious to be co-operative and socially useful. His is not a lone effort but part of a mighty endeavour to sustain and enrich the whole pattern.

I am confident that, aided by its tradition of hard work, shrewdness in business and disciplined effort, it will soon come to occupy a leading position in industry. Every new situation demands greater and greater effort, and those who are capable of this added effort are destined to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Col. B. H. Zaidi
Former Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University