Saifee Hospital

An Institution of Healing 
Saifee Hospital – a distinctive and prominent part of the skyline in the iconic Queen’s Necklace of Mumbai
We have gathered here to inaugurate yet another noble act by the Dawoodi Bohra community in the service of mankind by the inauguration of this grand hospital.
Hon. former. Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh
Inauguration of Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, June 4, 2005
Saifee Hospital - a distinctive and prominent part of the skyline in the iconic Queen's Necklace of Mumbai

Saifee Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in the heart of Mumbai, India.

A realisation of the late His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s vision to build a state-of-the-art hospital in the service of humanity, the hospital’s mission is to bring holistic, ethical and affordable healthcare—from preventive and diagnostic to curative and therapeutic health services—within the reach of all, irrespective of class, creed or religion. 

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The 14-level sea-facing hospital, a distinctive and prominent part of the skyline in the iconic Queen’s Necklace of Mumbai.

Rebuilt by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin in 2005. Financed through philanthropic contributions by Syedna and worldwide Dawoodi Bohra community members, Saifee Hospital is a testament to the community’s sustained commitment to work towards the well-being of humankind.

Philosophy and Vision

Saifee Hospital - a distinctive and prominent part of the skyline in the iconic Queen's Necklace of Mumbai

For the Dawoodi Bohra community, Saifee Hospital embodies Islamic and Fatimi philosophy on preserving and restoring health. In the Holy Quran, a verse quotes the Prophet Ibrahim

And when I fall sick, it is He [Allah] who cures me
Prophet Ibrahim

In the verse, also inscribed above Saifee Hospital’s main entrance, the Prophet describes sickness and suffering as human attributes and shifa, or the act of healing, as a divine blessing.

This Islamic philosophy of healing and medicine is perhaps best illustrated by a hadith of the Prophet Mohammed, in which he counsels, ‘Treat the ailing, for there is no illness for which Allah has not provided a remedy.” It emphasises the importance of seeking medicinal treatment with the faithful conviction that healing is a divine prerogative—medical practitioners are virtuous instruments through which the Almighty bestows the gift of shifa.

In keeping with this philosophy, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin undertook the building of a hospital dedicated to the memory of his revered father, His Holiness Syedna Taher Saifuddin, that would achieve excellence in medical care and cater to the essential healthcare needs of people from every strata of society.

Journey and Inauguration

It was in 1948 that Syedna Taher Saifuddin first established Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. 
Decades later, his successor Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin envisioned a new Saifee Hospital in which the latest equipment and techniques would be used by the most accomplished medical professionals. He resolved to rebuild the hospital and enhance its facilities—a massive undertaking—and, as a first step, established the Saifee Hospital Trust in 1973.

The project was not without difficulties. It faced numerous obstacles—including lawsuits in the Bombay High Court all the way up to the Supreme Court—that delayed the project for 25 years. In 1999, however, the Supreme Court of India decreed in favour of the Saifee Hospital Trust, granting permission to rebuild and renovate Saifee Hospital, and in 2000, the hospital’s foundation-laying ceremony was held.

In 2005, Saifee Hospital was inaugurated in a grand ceremony where Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin invited the then-Prime Minister of India, His Excellency Dr Manmohan Singh, who opened the doors of the hospital for service to humanity. With them on the stage were then-Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, then-Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Shri Arjun Singh, and Shahzada Qaidjoher Ezzuddin, Chairman of Saifee Hospital Trust. 

Saifee Hospital was inaugurated in a grand ceremony by the then-Prime Minister of India, His Excellency Dr Manmohan Singh seen here greeting the community leader, the late His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin.

The event, which coincided with Syedna Burhanuddin’s 94th birthday celebrations, was also attended by dignitaries, ministers and diplomats from all over the world, as well as heads of international institutes and other notable persons.

Syedna gave a speech in which he welcomed the Prime Minister and other distinguished guests, and prayed for the nation as well as for the success of Saifee Hospital in fulfilling its purpose of benefiting humanity. 

In his own speech, the Prime Minister praised the hospital’s world-class healthcare facilities as well as the philanthropic spirit of Syedna and the Dawoodi Bohra community.

“It is highly creditable that this project is primarily financed by donations and through charity,” he said. “Indeed, it is more so, because the doors of this hospital are open to all, and because healthcare will be provided to those who need it, not merely to those who can afford it.”

Saifee Hospital - a distinctive and prominent part of the skyline in the iconic Queen's Necklace of Mumbai

Design and Construction 

Saifee Hospital, conveniently located at Charni Road in South Mumbai, is easily accessible by train, bus or car—essential in a crowded city with busy traffic hours. It faces the Arabian sea, helping provide a salubrious environment for recovering patients.
Designing and constructing Saifee Hospital was a monumental task. Architects and engineers utilised advanced building analysis software to plan and design the building. The total height of the structure, including the basement and 10 floors, is 236 feet. For the structure’s three-level basement, it was an engineering feat to excavate 40 feet of earth while preventing water seepage in a site within such close proximity to the sea.

Aesthetically, the architecture of the hospital features a blend of both the contemporary and classical. Its façade, inspired from Islamic and Fatimi designs, includes floral motifs, full-height glass panels etched with geometrical patterns, and arched windows. The central part of the building is crowned with a large dome, flanked by two smaller domes, inspired from Fatimi architecture. The interior of the hospital, on the other hand, features modern décor with a patient-friendly ambience and comfortable surroundings.

Comprehensive Healthcare

Saifee Hospital is home to physicians internationally renowned in their fields. Throughout the hospital, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and technical and engineering staff work tirelessly to provide outstanding patient-centred medical treatment.

Like all world-class facilities, Saifee Hospital offers a full spectrum of healthcare services. The hospital’s medical specialties include cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, obstetrics, paediatrics, dermatology, and more. Its surgical specialties include general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, and bariatric surgery. Saifee Hospital has six operation theatres which adhere to international standards. For the first time in India, the theatres were equipped with Xenon-based illumination and floating workstations for a sterile environment.

Recent developments include a dedicated geriatric clinic for elderly patients, an advanced robotic surgical system to allow surgeons to perform complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach, and an isolation unit for high-dose radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer patients.

Saifee Hospital also provides a full range of the latest diagnostic facilities under one roof. These include state-of-the-art radiology, MRI, CT scan, mammography, and ultrasonography, as well as computerised radiography and nuclear medicine. Its comprehensive clinical laboratories, which utilise the latest technology, are integrated with the hospital infosystem. 

The hospital’s therapeutic facilities include a complete physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, a high-tech fitness centre, and a Department of Alternative Medicine, which offers yoga therapy, homoeopathy, acupuncture, and unani and ayurvedic medicine. Other facilities of the hospital include a fully equipped blood bank, a reference library and an auditorium for medical conferences.

The hospital provides a patient-friendly ambience and comfortable surrondings
The architecture of the hospital features a blend of both the contemporary and classical
View of corridor
The paediatric section has been designed as a colourful play area with cheerful decor, toys and games
Doctors' cafeteria
Saifee Hospital faces the Arabian Sea, helping provide a salubrious environment for recovering patients
A view of the iconic Marine Drive in South Mumbai
Saifee Hospital was among the 13 private hospitals selected to lead the vaccination drive in the city in 2021
The hospital played a leading role in the advocacy and administering of Covid-19 vaccines
A jewel in the Queen's Necklace
Throughout his stay, Syedna met and spoke with Aligarh staff and students; all were eager to meet the new Chancellor.

With 257 beds, the many rooms at Saifee Hospital offer both comfort and affordability. From deluxe, first-class, and twin-sharing rooms to economy and general wards, each space is equipped with comfortable facilities and amenities. Special wards include the ICU, a maternity ward with a separate entrance, and a dedicated paediatric section, which has been designed as a colourful play area with cheerful décor, toys and games. 

Saifee Hospital is an institution that reflects the Dawoodi Bohra community’s values—combining faith and belief, essential to healing, with the benefits of modern medicine and technology. By providing world-class healthcare and medical facilities to all those who need it, it continues to contribute to building a healthier and more equitable society.

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