Islam greatly emphasises the environmental responsibility that falls upon every Muslim. From the Prophetic tradition that exalts cleanliness as integral to faith, to the civic tenets of the sharia that forbid polluting water sources and the unnecessary felling of trees, Islam inspires an outlook that is truly comprehensive vis a vis its emphasis on conservation. The Prophet Mohammed states: ‘All of Creation is a family dependent upon Allah, the most beloved to Him, therefore, is the one who benefits His family the most.’ 

The Bohra community has long advocated for environmental responsibility and conservation. The bounties of nature are gifts from the Almighty and safeguarding those bounties for future generations is considered a responsibility that falls upon every individual. The community’s environmental awareness arm, Burhani Foundation (India), has actively undertaken initiatives towards a greener, cleaner world since its inception in 1992. The foundation seeks to address all forms of environmental concerns from tree plantation drives to cleanup activities to wildlife conservation exercises.

With the world’s oceans increasingly coming under the grip of plastic pollution, there is an immediate need for individuals and collectives across the globe to join forces in this fight against plastic pollution. Realizing this urgent need for action, the Bohra community joined forces with UN Champion of the Earth, Advocate Afroz Shah in implementing a water body cleanup movement titled ‘Turning the Tide’ against plastic pollution.