Finding a Sense of Belonging Through Language

Fatema Indorewala writes about how she chose to learn French in an attempt to make herself at home in a new country.

On a Mission to Protect Aquatic Life

Mufaddal Alibhai is a sport fisherman turned conservationist and researcher who is on a mission to conserve and accurately document fish across East Africa.

Building a Career Portfolio

Malek talks about how a bundle of diverse experiences can help make one’s career journey more fulfilling and rewarding.

My Visit to the Bohra Masjid in LA

Shannon Marks, a mother of three and a cub scout leader visited the Bohra masjid in Los Angeles. She shares her impressions of the community in this blog piece.

Homeschooling Mom and Entrepreneur: Farida Baxamusa

Farida is a mom, geologist, teacher and entrepreneur. She shares her life experiences in this blog.

A Will to Succeed: Dr Tasneem Essaji

Dr Tasneem Essaji is a Resident Physician and Nephrologist at The Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. In this piece she recounts the many challenges she had to face in order to get where she is today.

Travelling Alone

Tasneem Merchant writes about her experience travelling alone as an English teacher in a small town school in Egypt

Motorsports, My Off-road Calling

Abbas Taskeen is a businessman and an avid off-roader. In this piece, he narrates how his passion for cars helped him find the right track in life.

Learning Through Experience

Ummesalama narrates her experiences of running a small business while still in high school and what it has taught her.

Shoot for the Stars

Mansoor Jamali, a Trajectory Analysis Engineer at SpaceX writes about the hard work and sacrifices it took for him to reach where he is.

From Custom Fabrics to Candles: My Business Journey

Khadija Jafferjee talks about how she came into the candle making business and what it has taught her.

Saifee Masjid Kolkata: A Hundred Years

Ammar Hamid speaks of the impact that Saifee Masjid has had on his life.