The Dawoodi Bohras are proud of their culinary reputation

Joining each other for meals is a particularly well known Bohra custom and therefore they have a unique system of communal eating in groups of eight or nine people seated around a thāl or a particularly large metal plate.

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Each course of the meal is served for the people around the thal to share.

The custom strengthens the family unit and the sense of solidarity between the people eating together. Traditional Bohra meals are often shared with local friends and neighbours while imparting a multi faith message of unity and peace.

Bohra Cuisine

Food plays an important role in Bohra religious rites as well as cultural traditions and certain dishes have therefore become synonymous with special occasions.
Khichro (made of mutton and cracked wheat)
Kheema khichri (minced meat pulao)
Laganya seekh (layered minced meat topped with eggs)
Kheema samosa (minced meat samosas)
Mutton kari chawal – spiced coconut milk-based curry served with fragrant basmati rice.
Kharak – stuffed dried dates served during Eid al-Fitr.
Kalamro – a dessert made from rice and yoghurt), served to celebrate the Prophet Mohammed’s birth anniversary.
Sheer Khurma – a warm dessert made of vermicelli, milk, dates, dry fruits and nuts, and clarified butter (ghee).

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