The Prophet Mohammed states: ‘Seek treatment, for Allah has not sent down an ailment but He has sent down with it a cure.’ Islam places great emphasis on the need for every individual to safeguard their overall health in order to lead a productive life by fulfilling both religious as well as worldly obligations in the best possible manner. Fatimi philosophical traditions speak of safeguarding existing health and striving to recover lost health. They provide an extensive blueprint of how good physical, mental and spiritual health can be achieved and maintained through proper diet, religious piety, physical activity, preventative measures as well as medical and pharmaceutical intervention when needed. 

A Quranic verse quotes the Prophet Ibrahim as stating: ‘And when I fall sick, it is He who cures me.’ Drawing inspiration from this, the Dawoodi Bohra community operates numerous hospitals, clinics and medical facilities such as ambulances and paramedic services in towns and cities worldwide, offering quality medical services to all. In rural areas where proper medical facilities are scarce, regular community organised medical camps offer basic examination and check-ups for prevalent conditions as well as free medication.  

To inspire healthier living and create awareness about lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease, the community frequently organises free check-up and screening camps, informative seminars, marathons, walks and other sporting events that raise funds for research and treatment.