The Dawoodi Bohra community traces its spiritual heritage to the Prophet Mohammed SA and his wasi (legatee) Amirul Mumineen Maulana Ali AS, continuing through their successors, the imams


The 20th Fatemi imam, Al-Aamir be Ahkaam AllahAS recognized that the time had come for the imam to keep away from the public eye and made elaborate preparations for his successor, his son Al-TayyibAS, to go into seclusion at the appropriate moment and also for the preservation and continuation of the Fatimi tradition in Yemen.

The Veiled House

The Veiled House The first and most prominent feature of the Holy Kaaba that comes to mind whenever its name is invoked, is the exterior curtains t...

Siddhpur a Town Trapped in Time

From a once resplendent town to one now largely abandoned, a look at the history of Siddhpur and the efforts to safeguard its heritage.