Update: Kuwait triumph in kunuz premier league grande finale

Update: Kuwait's ladies' Kunuz Premier League Team triumphed in a global final quiz Sunday 19th March.

(The following was posted prior to the finals.)

It's a premier league of minds taking guard to bat against a barrage of bowling questions at fast and medium pace with spinners in between. Who will hit the boundaries and block out the yorkers? Or who will castle the stumps or snaffle the catches?

All will be revealed on a dramatic final day of the Kunuz programs of 1438AH (2016/2017) – set to take place Sunday March 19th at venues around the world.

The Kunuz Premier League program featured teams of ladies from across the globe that have been competing in a 6 month long competition of exhibitions, quizzes and skill seminars. The competition began in the Islamic new year in the wake of Ashara Mubaraka and the sermons of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS.

After each sermon a summary of the main topics and complete individual narratives are compiled and published as ‘iqtebaasaat’ (selected quotes). The quizzes centre around these 10 iqtebaasaat from the 10 sermons of the Ashara Mubaraka waaz. The seminars and exhibitions then take their inspiration from these sermons which this year focused on the 9 marvels associated with the renovation and restoration of the 11th century masjid of the Fatimi Imam Al-Hakim bi-AmrillahAS in Cairo, Egypt. The masjid had fallen into virtually total ruin over centuries of neglect. Although various government agencies had made partial restorations none was able to complete it before His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinRA took on the gargantuan task, completing it in the staggeringly short period of 27 months upto its inauguration in 1980.

Taking its inspiration from these 9 marvels which included such aspects as the cleaning of accumulated excreta, rubbish and debris from the site, the discovery of a long lost water well, emergence of long-hidden artifacts, removal and relocation of a school, design of the iconic mishkat lantern and the breathtakingly short renovation period itself; Kunuz required its participants to bring these factors into our contemporary period and apply them to our times. As a result there came about the ‘Save the World’ exhibitions wherein the professional and physical skills of the ladies were brought to the fore in an attempt to provide solutions to the problems faced by society in modern life.

Initiatives in this vein included those that sought to promote cleanliness, environmental friendliness and conserving the world’s resources. Such exhibitions took place across the world and were attended by ladies from the Bohra community and guests from other communities. In New Jersey the Kunuz program was attended by a United States Congresswoman while events in Dubai and Raipur (India) were covered by the national press.

Over the years the Kunuz program has developed exponentially. Whilst the quiz element designed to keep the message of the sermons fresh in the mind remains at its heart the program has blossomed to translate those teachings into active betterment of the individual and society at large. Events that in the early days around a decade ago attracted audiences of around 1500-2000 ladies are now being watched by a worldwide audience in excess of 25,000 with some events staged in special events venues. Spin-offs from the program include ‘Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank’ style entrepreneur evaluations, the ‘Happy Threads by Supermoms’ cottage industry creating hand-crafted crochet products in India for sale in overseas markets such as the USA and collectives selling home-made condiments and other culinary products under a brand label created especially for them.

This year’s Kunuz has now reached its finals phase for the quizzes and the participants this year have been young ladies of the community between the ages of 15 and 30. On Sunday 19th March they will clash in a grand finale – a titanic global battle of brilliance to be held at venues all over the world in a worldwide online contest.

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