Students Take Up The Fight Against Hunger

This World Food Day, as the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) celebrates its 75th anniversary, students of MSB Educational Institutes along with their alumni associations known as HSB, came together heeding the WFP’s call for solidarity against food hunger.

Over the past few years, MSB Educational Institute has focused on educating students to develop knowledge, skills, values, and behaviours that lead to sustainable development in line with the UNSDGs.

Students of as many as 21 institutes from different parts of the world carried out a number of activities. The following is a summary of the same:

Food Bank - Collecting raw food rations and distributing them among the needy. In some cities, NGOs such as the Robin Hood Army also collaborated in their efforts.

International Poster Competition - Students from grade 1 & 3 participated in a poster making competition. The themes included ‘My Food Super Heroes,’ ‘From Farm to our Plates,’ and ‘Identifying and Drawing Healthy and Unhealthy Food Stuffs.’

These were aimed at provoking thought amongst the young ones about nutrition and the value of food.

Cook me up - A challenging task where middle school students were asked to make a dish out of leftover food items. The activity drove home the idea of how one can reuse leftover food items and avoid unnecessary food wastage.

Webinar - The Kuwait MSB institute conducted a webinar for all classes on 8th and 11th October 2020. Students got the opportunity to learn about Food Heroes, the journey of food from farms to our homes and the difficulties faced by food heroes as well as our commitment to solving them.

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October 16, 2020
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