Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Kenya Visits Aljamea Nairobi

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Kenya, His Excellency Mr Sunil De Silva, visited Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Nairobi on Saturday the 12th of October. Upon his arrival, he was received by the Principal of the Academy and senior faculty members, following which he viewed a brief video about the history and functionings of the institution, the Dawoodi Bohra community and the recently concluded ʿAshara Mubāraka event in Colombo.

In his address the High Commissioner spoke of the role of religion in calling towards peace and harmony and bringing people from varied denominations together. He acknowledged that the ʿAshara Mubāraka sermons in Colombo demonstrated this harmonising quality of religion by drawing thousands to the island nation of Sri Lanka thereby establishing her as a peaceful and safe nation in the eyes of the world.

He then toured the campus and expressed his admiration for the rich architectural legacy of the community stating that he had not visited North Africa but seeing the campus gave him a glimpse into the region.

During the course of his visit, High Commissioner De Silva also visited the classrooms where he enthusiastically interacted with students, especially those from Sri Lanka and conversed with them in Sinhala.

The visit concluded with the High Commissioner commending the educational philosophy of the institute and expressing his wish to visit again soon.

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October 14, 2019
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