In recent decades the community has increasingly devoted resources to providing the latest in medical care facilities. Hospitals, clinics, medical camps, ambulance services and charitable medical aid are all aims that the community is looking to be of service with.

Around the globe there are thousands of Bohra men and women in medical professions and efforts have been made to bring them under the umbrella of the Burhani Medical Idara (

BMI lists 6 prime medical establishments of the community in India and Pakistan. Of these The Saifee Hospital in Mumbai is very much the jewel, standing out both as a beautiful architectural landmark along Mumbai’s Queen’s Necklace (Marine Drive) and as one of the largest and most sophisticated hospitals in India.

A new hospital is underway in Dahod, India

Bohras in Singapore Cycle 770 km in Celebration an...

Community members in Singapore cycled 770km in celebration of His Holiness' 77th birthday and to raise awareness for healthier living.

Good Health For All

As part of this year's World Health Day 2018 theme of 'Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere', Dawoodi Bohra community members in collaborat...