The Bohras, by their very name, are identified with trade and business. The Gujarati ancestors of most of today's Bohras were merchants and the name Bohra comes from the Gujarati word 'vohru', to trade.

The late Dr Syedna Burhanuddin RA would unceasingly encourage his adherents to become businessmen. The Prophet SA has said that there are 10 divisions of provision (rizq) of which 9 are in business and trade.

One of Syedna's most memorable and oft repeated phrases is, 'be business-minded, not service-minded'.

The community continues to enjoy a major percentage occupied in trade at both local and international level. There is then a considerable proportion engaged in professions; a great many of whom are working as their own bosses.

Industrialists a fewer in number but growing whilst a sizeable proportion of those in employment are of graduate or skilled level. Bohras are renowned for being honest, are encouraged to work without recourse to using interest based finance and nowadays also leaning towards non-credit dealings with suppliers and customers.

The late Syedna once said that trade is 'in your blood' and the continuing onus on business mindedness will hopefully ensure that that continues through the generations.


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