Shahzada Husain Burhanuddin stresses heightened ecological sensitivity & interdependence at the Global Faith Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Representing the leader of the worldwide Dawoodi Bohra community, Sultan al Bohra Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, his son Shahzada Husain Burhanuddin accompanied by a delegation from the community joined the ‘Global Faith Summit on Climate Action’ in Abu Dhabi on 6th & 7th November 2023. 

The Conference of Parties (COP28) Presidency, in partnership with the Muslims Council of Elders, the Vatican, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Faith for Earth Coalition hosted this high-level faith meeting in the lead-up to the COP28 climate summit in Dubai in early December.

Themed around ‘Confluence of Conscience: Uniting Faith Leaders for Planetary Resurgence,’ the gathering aimed at establishing institutional mechanisms to engage faith leaders in addressing the climate crisis over the next few years.

Shahzada Husain Burhanuddin joined the meeting alongside religious leaders, scholars and representatives from over 28 faiths, to discuss the moral responsibility of nations, institutions, and individuals in addressing contemporary world challenges including the climate crisis and its impact on humanity.

The meeting sought to leverage the moral authority and spiritual guidance of faith leaders from diverse backgrounds – along with experts, youth, female leaders, and indigenous communities – to inspire concrete action and raise awareness about the need to accelerate and scale up efforts in joint climate work over the next few years. Spiritual leaders from the world’s major religions along with a number of indigenous traditions were present. 

"The COP28 Presidency firmly believes in the pivotal role of religious and spiritual leaders in addressing global conflicts and crises," said Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, President-Designate for COP28 UAE, in his invitation to spiritual leaders.

In his address on behalf of His father Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, Shahzada Burhanuddin averred that the bounties of nature warrant a sense of gratitude, responsibility and stewardship from humanity. He went on to underscore that the global cooperation needed for environmental conservation is intrinsically linked to conserving and enhancing the spiritual environment and nurturing an atmosphere of tolerance and harmony. He stressed that it is the responsibility of all world religions to instill heightened sensitivity towards universal interdependence by sowing seeds of love for the Creator and Creation. In his conclusion, he prayed for the protection of all humankind across the globe alongside the natural word. 

(To read an English rendering of the entire address click here)

Sharing his experience, Kinana Jamaluddin, the representative of Sultan al Bohra in the UAE said, “For the Dawoodi Bohras, participating in the faith leaders’ meeting holds profound significance as it provides an opportunity for us to actively contribute to the global discourse on climate change, aligning with our deep-rooted values of environmental sustainability and responsible living.”

He added, “As part of the faith leaders’ meeting, we showcased our commitment to faith-driven environmental action, shared insights, and engaged with leaders from diverse backgrounds. It reinforced our role as custodians of the environment and amplified the message of unity in addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time.”

The Dawoodi Bohra community, under the leadership of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, has long been committed to environmental sustainability and continues to advocate for responsible stewardship of the Earth.” 

From tree plantation drives and regular cleanup activities to making a shift to zero waste and renewable energy, the Dawoodi Bohras are striving to address various forms of environmental concern and taking collective action to conserve and preserve natural resources.

COP28, the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is a crucial global gathering where countries come together to address the pressing issue of climate change. 

Scheduled to take place in Dubai, UAE, from November 30 to December 12, 2023, COP28 is expected to build on the momentum of previous climate conferences and focus on concrete action to limit global warming and adapt to its impacts. It serves as a platform to discuss policies, share innovations, and make commitments aimed at creating a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet. This conference is a key milestone in the international effort to combat climate change and safeguard the well-being of current and future generations.

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