Rajkot Bohras welcome PM Modi with tree saplings

29 June 2017, Rajkot

India's PM was given a novel welcome with tree saplings instead of bouquets by the Bohras when he began his visit of Saurashtra's financial capital, Rajkot. The reception for the PM took place at the racecourse on Ring Road on Thursday 29th June.

The 16-member delegation carried the saplings as their way of highlighting Syedna'sTUS tree planting drive. The drive aims to plant 200,000 saplings worldwide as a means of conserving the environment and raising awareness of environmental issues.

The drive is part of the Prime Minister's own Swachh Bharat - Clean India - campaign that has lead cleanliness and environmental initiatives in India.

Rajkot jamaat president Mustafa bhaisaheb Vajihee stated that the Bohras in Rajkot were intending to plant 2000 trees in and around the city.


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