In this age of climate change and environmental pollution it behoves us all to care for the environment and the creatures that dwell within it.

To this end Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin was prescient in establishing the Burhani Foundation as far back as 1992, a charitable trust dedicated to the preservation of the environment.

The da`is placed great store in protecting the environment and they have constantly urged their followers to be environmentally friendly, avoiding wastage and pollution, recycling, nurturing of nature and being kind to all forms of life.

Worldwide these initiatives have included the ‘Save Our Sparrow’ scheme conducted jointly by the Foundation in association with the Nature Forever Society (Nasik, India). This scheme distributed tens of thousands of bird feeders in an effort to save the urban sparrow. The number of feeders distributed became a world record acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records. In addition a tree plantation and cleanliness drive was launched on the occasion of the 52nd da’i’s 102nd birthday in 2013 with the aim of planting 500,000 saplings.

The Indian government has currently undertaken its ‘Swach Bharat’ cleanliness drive, a drive that has been taken to heart by Bohra communities not just in India but abroad as well with their own ‘nazaafat’ (cleanliness) campaigns.

On an even broader scale particularly in rural Indian heartlands and the mountains of the Haraaz in Yemen have been the farming activities of the community. Acres of farmland are currently being cultivated in Burhanpur, Taherabad and Denmal in Gujarat near to mausoleums of Bohra saints.

Meanwhile in the Yemen there has been a drive to eradicate the menace of qat trees and replace them with sustainable cash crops such as coffee.