Community Members Mobilise for the Annual Upliftment Drive

The Hindu By: Jyoti Shelar Mumbai: Last month, 66-year-old Shirin Rajulawala had a fun day tri...

Bohra Women Organise Car Rally and Treasure Hunt

Bohra women in Visakhapatnam organised a car rally and treasure hunt to celebrate His Holiness' 76th birthday and draw attention towards his message of gender equality and women's education.

US State Department Delegation Visits Aljamea Nairobi

A delegation of US State Department officials and personnel from the US Embassy in Nairobi visited Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah.

Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Women in Secunderabad

The Bohra community in Secunderabad organised a fun fair and carnival to promote women entrepreneurs

Bohras in Sydney Participate in Interfaith Gathering

Community members in Sydney attended an interfaith gathering.