International Women's Day 2021

Throughout the history of Islam, exemplary female figures such as Khadija the Prophet Mohammed’s consort, Fatema their daughter and Arwa Queen of Yemen have continued to demostrate that women are an integral element of every society and are equally charged with its progress and development. Following in their footsteps, women of the Dawoodi Bohra community, have over the centuries, forged a unique identity for themselves, remaining true to their values and traditions while scaling new heights in every field imaginable. On International Women’s Day 2021, we celebrate the achievements of Bohra Women from across the world and showcase their inspirational stories.

Learning to Remember Learning to Believe

A student at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Zahra Patel speaks about the impact memorising the entire Holy Quran has had on all aspects of her life.

In Conversation with Maryam Kathawala

In this interview, Maryam reflects on her journey as an international student and her role as a bridge between students of different backgrounds at the university.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Tasneem Kutbuddin writes about her efforts to promote women entrepreneurs within the community.

Our Roots: Advancing Human Rights and the Tradition of Serving Our Nation

Mariyam Cementwala is a Foreign Service Officer at the US Department of State. In this speech she recounts her journey, the challenges she faced and those who inspired her the most.

Zanubia Shams

Zanubia Shams is a Co-Chairperson of the Zulekha Healthcare Group, UAE

Batool Dadabhai

Batool Dadabhai is a prominent business woman in Bahrain. This is her story.

Munira Lakdawala

Munira Lakdawala runs a successful catering business but her journey has been arduous and filled with challenges.

A Baker’s Journey

Zahra Jalal Khan who recently participated in the Great Kenyan Bake Off shares the story of her life's journey.

Project Rise Health Camp to Tackle Anaemia in Adolescent Girls

Project Rise in collaboration with Saifee Hospital and other charities, organised a health camp in Karjat to address Anaemia among adolescent girls.

The Joy of Sharing Toys

Alefya Talib, a mother and entrepreneur, writes about how she started Pakistan's first toy renting service.