Hatim Kapacee at Heald Place Primary

Leaders like you – Hatim Kapacee Headteacher

Hatim Kapacee, Headteacher at Heald Place School talks about what it takes to successfully run a school in the UK.

Social iniatives

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Bohra Wing Oman Conducts Seminar to Promote Love Peace and Happiness

Community members in Oman conducted a seminar to promote love peace and happiness among citizens.

The Ziyārat of Imam Husain

An exploration of the Islamic philosophy of life and death followed by a discussion on the concept of ziyārat in general and the ziyārat of Imam Husain in particular.

The Hajj

A Muhalla of Yesterday and Tomorrow

A look at the past and future of Bhendi Bazaar in the wake of the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project

Understanding Silat