Envisioning Success

Dr Alefiyah Huzaifa of Ratlam sets an example of how grit and determination leads one on the path of success.

Overcoming challenges caused by night blindness since infancy, Dr Alefiya's dedication has propelled her to become an exemplary professional and a source of inspiration for many. 

As a young child, Alefiya's mother noticed something unusual about her vision. A consultation in Mumbai revealed she suffered from retinitis pigmentosa, leading to night blindness and difficulty in recognising colours and objects in low light. While the prognosis was disheartening, Alefiya's mother instilled in her the determination to lead an independent and self-reliant life despite her condition.

She had a tough time learning to read and write as a child, but with support from her mother, she was treated as any other student in class. Even though she was constantly frustrated at not being able to enjoy the activities and sports her schoolmates and friends engaged in, she discovered comfort in writing poems, which allowed her to express her feelings and emotions, leading to a sense of inner peace.

Alefiya aspired to become a teacher, but she realised that the low lighting conditions in traditional classrooms might not be suitable for her. At that point, her uncle suggested she consider physiotherapy as a career path. Upon recognising that visually impaired individuals often experience heightened touch sensations, Alefiya became determined to pursue a career in physiotherapy.

She studied physiotherapy at the National Association for the Blind in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, where she earned her diploma (DPT). Her journey was fraught with challenges, as she had to live away from her family and learn to navigate the bustling city all on her own. However, her motivation to excel drove her to succeed against all odds. 

Her DPT led to an internship at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai, which added valuable years of experience, honed her skills and boosted her confidence. She continued to work in various hospitals and clinics, amassing a substantial amount of experience before deciding to pursue a Bachelor's degree (BPT).

The pursuit of her BPT was a challenging phase that involved balancing work, study, and a married life. Determined to make her parents proud, she persevered. Following its completion, Alefiya established her own physiotherapy clinic in Ratlam, India.

Alefiya’s story is an inspiration, proving that with will and determination, one can overcome any challenge to reach great heights.

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November 24, 2023
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