The Bohras have a distinct and recognizable identity and a culture that the da`is have expended great efforts in maintaining as they adapted the community to the fast changing world of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The customs, rites and traditions of the Bohras are rooted firmly in Islamic teachings originating from Prophet Mohammed SA and are often adorned with nuances from the lands in which they have settled down the centuries. These nuances are seen in their attire, their festivities and their commemorations and are part of a heritage that can be traced back to Egypt, The Yemen and the Indian sub-continent.

Bohra festivities are colourful and often musical affairs especially weddings which often include a procession, band, horses, carriage and much pomp and pageantry.

Bohra cuisine has assumed cult status especially the now world famous Bohra biryani.

Bohras also have their own way of dining, seated on the ground, without leaning against anything and sitting the way they sit during prayer; out of humility and thanks for what they are about to receive.