'Cleanup-Greenup' day in Billerica

28 April 2018, Boston, Massachusetts

Rabab Moiz Bhinderwala

Saturday 28 April marked 'Cleanup-Greenup' day in Billerica, where Boston's Qutbi Masjid and Madrasa Vajihiyah are located. Billerica residents were encouraged to spend the day cleaning up around their neighborhood.

Nazafat (cleanliness) is an integral component of Islamic faith, and His HolinessTUS urges community members worldwide to engage in clean-up drives, tree planting and other green initiatives to foster and promote a clean living environment wherever they reside.

Dawoodi Bohra community members residing in Billerica saw 'Cleanup-Greenup' day as the perfect opportunity to show their support for the cause.

24 school children along with parents, teachers and volunteers from the community rose bright and early on Saturday morning and spent hours cleaning up a section of Rangeway Road, where Boston's Qutbi Masjid is located.

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April 28, 2018
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