MSB Students Showcase Creativity in Art Exhibition

MSB students showcases their creativity and artistic skills in an art exhibition organised by the educational institute.

MSB Ski Camp in Gulmarg

MSB Educational Institute organised a ski camp in Gulmarg for 88 students.

Connecting the Dots: MSB Haidery Showcases Annual Art Fest

MSB Educational Institute in Haidery Karachi hosted its annual Art Fest.

Students Attend Seminar on Food Security at Dubai School

Students from MSB Dubai attended an online seminar on how to reduce food waste.

MSB Karachi Organises Beach Cleanup Activity

Young students from MSB Karachi participated in an educational cleanup drive.

MSB Haidery Annual Fair 2020

MSB students in Haidery Karachi presented their Annual Fair celebrating the origins of the Bohra community and its journey so far.

The WIMUN Conference – An Experience of a Lifetime

Four students from MSB Educational Institute share their reflections after participating in 2019’s Model UN Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

MSB Students Shine at Model UN

21 students for MSB Educational Institute participated in this year's WIMUN conference in Geneva.

Seventh MSB International Athletics Meet

The seventh International MSB Athletics Meet kicked off in Banswara, Rajasthan showcasing a medley of young talent and addressing a host of contemporary issues.

MSB Students Participate in The Harvard Model United Nations

Students from MSB Educational Institute took part in the 66th Annual HMUN event in Boston

Students Rally Against Hunger and Waste for World Food Day

To commemorate World Food Day, students across a 1...

MSB Students Go Global at HMUN conference

Hyderabad India. 12 students and 3 teachers from ...