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Nurturing nature

Alameda Creek Cleanup in San Francisco

Community members in San Francisco lend a hand to the Alameda Creek Alliance in a sustained effort to cleanup the area.

Celebrating World Sparrow Day

To celebrate World Sparrow Day BFI India and Bohra community members distributed bird feeders to locals in an attempt to raise awareness.

BFI Reforestation and Environmental Study Drive

The BFI Reforestation and Environmental Study Drive aims to restore depleting forests to their original state and educate future generations about conservation and environmental responsibility

Bohra Women Play Active Role in Cleanup Drives

Bohra women turn up in increasing numbers to participate in the Mithi River and Dana Pani Beach cleanup drive

Wood Doctor Gives New Life to Waste

Driven by a passion for conservation and wood work, Murtaza Balasinourwala spreads his message by reclaiming waste wood and turning it into beautiful furniture, while creating employment in the process.

Your Backyard and Beyond

A fun filled event aimed at conveying the message that conservation begins in everyones backyard.

Fiberology Workshops by Mariya Amijee

Mariya Amijee runs Fiberology Workshops to create awareness about the dangers of invasive plants with a creative flair.

Republic Day Celebrations at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah

Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah On India's 70th Republic D...

Bohras Lend a Hand in the Removal of 400 Tonnes of Waste from Mithi River

Mumbai Mirror As part of Mithi river cleaning p...

Community to Launch Biogas App in India

DNA To mark the birthdays of the late and prese...

Afroz Shah Joins Bohra Students for Tapti Plastic Cleanup

Over a hundred Dawoodi Bohra students of Taiyebiya...

Turning the Tide Against Plastic Pollution

The Dawoodi Bohra community joined hands with UN C...