Bohras Support Irving School Foundation Food For Thought Initiative

Community members in Dallas, Texas have been engaged in a wide range of activities to help reduce the impact of Covid-19

Interfaith Leaders Voice Solidarity Against Covid-19

Religious leaders in Bahrain came together in an interfaith dialogue organised by IPI MENA to express solidarity against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Bohras in Virginia Help Reduce Covid-19 Impact

Community members in Virginia have been active in their many efforts to reduce the impact of Covid-19.

Covid relief: Latest from around the world

Updates on community members' efforts worldwide to assist those in need and support relief efforts.

Making Lemonade out of Lockdown Lemons

Community members across the world are making the best of their time at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Virtual Eid Celebrations in San Francisco

Community members in San Francisco commemorated Eid al-Fitr and memorial day through a virtual ceremony in wake of Covid-19

Covid-19 – Doctors from 3 Continents Share Their Experiences

A number of community doctors spoke to us about their experiences with Covid-19.

Together at a Distance

In this article, we take a look at how illness is understood in Fatimi philosophical tradition and how that outlook can aid and guide us as we navigate the complexities of an unprecedented global pandemic.

PM Modi Asks Bohra Community to Lend a Hand to Relief Efforts

In a video conference held by the Prime Minister with social welfare organizations, he asked the Bohra community to lend a hand to relief efforts underway across India.

Anxiety, Tears and Positivity on the Covid-19 Frontline

Dr Huzaifa Adamali is a respiratory specialist at Bristol's Southmead Hospital. He spoke to us about the workings of the virus and his personal challenges at the frontline.

Covid-19 A London Medic Speaks from the Frontline

An emergency medic in London shares their experience, emotions and thoughts of battling Covid-19 on the front-line.

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Dawoodi Bohras across the globe are taking extensi...