Project Rise

Project Rise is an umbrella initiative by the worldwide Dawoodi Bohra community which sets out to synergise the various philanthropic contributions of its institutions and members into a unified entity. As the name suggests, its core aim is to raise and elevate society’s less fortunate in every aspect of life to such a level, that they too become empowered to do the same for others. It strives to foster a widespread culture of empathy, awareness and generosity which culminates in a society where no individual is neglected overlooked or marginalised.
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[VIDEO] ‘Turning the Tide’ A Year in Retrospect

Since its inception in November 2018, Turning the Tide has made strides in ridding water bodies of plastic pollution.

Bohras in New York Organise Food Drive for Charity

The community in New York celebrated His Holiness' birthday by organising a food drive for charity.

Dubai Cleanup Drive

More than 300 community members participated in a cleanup drive to raise awareness about the need for cleanliness in urban neighbourhoods.

Fighting World Hunger

Bohras are dedicated to eliminating hunger

Bohras in North America Support UN WFD

U.S and Canadian Bohras fight for zero hunger and to reduce food waste

World Food Day 2019

Each year the Dawoodi Bohra community celebrates World Food Day with great enthusiasm inspired by the Prophetic tradition which states that 'there is no deed greater than feeding the hungry.' This y...

A Ladoo a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The Dawoodi Bohra community’s malnutrition alleviation project aims to improve nutrition amongst children, pregnant women

Bohras Welcome PM Modi’s Initiatives on Environment, Health and Nutrition

Dawoodi Bohras Support UN Goals on Clean Water, Sanitation and Zero Hunger

Students from Aljamea Nairobi Participate in Annual KLDA Cleanup Drive

On International Coastal Cleanup Day students from Aljamea Nairobi participated in the KLDA's annual cleanup drive.

International Coastal Cleanup Day Activities in Chennai and Mumbai

Community members in Chennai and Mumbai came out in numbers on International Coastal Cleanup Day to support the cause.

Community Contributes to Flood Relief Fund

The community contributed to flood relief efforts in the Indian state of Maharashtra

Zero Food Waste at Moharram events in Colombo and Chennai

The Ashara Mubaraka events in Colombo and Chennai successfully conformed to the community's zero food waste policy.