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Blanket Donation Drive Across India

Community members across India organised blanket donation drives to help the underprivileged combat winter temperatures.

Traveling Two and a Half Days to Provide Relief to Drought Stricken Ambovombe

Project Rise volunteers travelled two and half days to provide much needed relief supplies to the people of Ambovombe in southern Madagascar

Zero Hunger Squad

Bohra volunteers in Chennai and Coimbatore mark the first anniversary of 'Zero Hunger Squad' a sustained food security program

World Food Day 2021

Commemorating 101 Weeks of Fighting Plastic Pollution

The community celebrated a 101 weeks of cleanup and awareness activities as part of Turning the Tide Against Plastic Pollution.

Bohras Organise Cleanup and Awareness Drives to Mark Gandhi Jayanti 2021

Bohra communities across India marked Gandhi Jayanti by conducting cleanliness and awareness drives.

Bohras in Chennai Organise Blood Donation Camp

Community members in Chennai organised a blood donation camp as part of Project Rise.

World Cleanup Day 2021

Dawoodi Bohras from different parts of the world advocate for a cleaner and greener environment on World Cleanup day

Bohras in Sri Lanka Provide Food Aid Amid Shortages

The Dawoodi Bohra community in Sri Lanka initiate...

Diverse Cultures in Marol Come Together to Enable Plastic Free Festival

Almost a year after the Dawoodi Bohra community started the Project Rise initiative in the area, local residents decided to put all they had learned to use by celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with a difference.

Burhani College Organises Blood Donation Camp

Burhani College Mumbai organised a blood donation camp to help in the fight against Covid-19 and to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood.

Project Rise Supports Hospitals in Rural Telangana

Project Rise donated equipment to help rural medical facilities in Telangana combat the Covid-19 pandemic.