The Supplications of Imam Ali Zayn al-Abideen

The prayers and supplications of Imam Ali Zayn al-Abideen are of immense significance to the Dawoodi Bohras and constitute a mainstay of the holy month of Ramadan’s ritual obligations

Virtual Eid Celebrations in San Francisco

Community members in San Francisco commemorated Eid al-Fitr and memorial day through a virtual ceremony in wake of Covid-19

An Eid to Remember

Looking back at the impact of Covid-19 on Ramadan and anticipating the celebration of Eid al-Fitr

Celebrating Eid and Independence Day in Chicago

Community members in Chicago held a hybrid celebration of Eid and Independence Day to foster interfaith dialogue and demonstrate the role of patriotism in faith.

Eid Celebrations in Orange County with Friends and Distinguished Guests

Community members in OC California welcome guests and friends for Eid celebration.

London community hosts Iftar Dinner

The Bohra community in London hosted an Iftar dinner for officials and other guests to better acquaint them with the community's practices and engender inter faith dialogue.

Eid Celebrations in Fremont

Bohras in Fremont host a flag hoisting ceremony on Eid day in a colourful display of patriotism and faith

Congresswoman Lawrence Joins Bohra Interfaith Eid Celebration in Detroit

The Bohra community in Detroit shares messages of peace and unity with friends and neighbours at an interfaith Eid celebration

Bohras in Dar es Salaam Celebrate the Holy Month with Charity and Kindness

Dawoodi Bohra community members in Tanzania celebrated the holy month of Ramadan with acts of kindness and charity

Dubai Bohras Organise Free Medical Camp During Ramadan

Bohra community members in Dubai organised a free medical camp during Ramadan with special emphasis on the negative health impacts of smoking and techniques on how to quit.

Over 2000 People Celebrate The Tradition of Iftār In Houston

This year Houston's largest traditional Iftār Dinner was chaired by the Bohra community

Bonding Over Food The Dawoodi Bohra Way

Bohra cuisine is a hallmark of the community's culture, it brings people together and strengthens the bonds of love and fraternity especially during the holy month of Ramadan