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Saifee Hospital Distributes 7500 Saplings for Green Mumbai Initiative

In an effort to bring more greenery to Mumbai, Saifee Hospital distributed 7500 saplings grown in the hospital's in-house nursery.

[VIDEO] ‘Turning the Tide’ – A Year in Retrospect

Since its inception in November 2018, Turning the Tide has made strides in ridding water bodies of plastic pollution.

Dubai Cleanup Drive

More than 300 community members participated in a cleanup drive to raise awareness about the need for cleanliness in urban neighbourhoods.

Students from Aljamea Nairobi Participate in Annual KLDA Cleanup Drive

On International Coastal Cleanup Day students from Aljamea Nairobi participated in the KLDA's annual cleanup drive.

International Coastal Cleanup Day Activities in Chennai and Mumbai

Community members in Chennai and Mumbai came out in numbers on International Coastal Cleanup Day to support the cause.

Zero Food Waste at Moharram events in Colombo and Chennai

The Ashara Mubaraka events in Colombo and Chennai successfully conformed to the community's zero food waste policy.

Bohras in Karachi plant fruit trees along Mai Kolachi bypass

This post has been edited in the interest of brevi...

UN Representatives Conduct Seminar in Aljamea Followed by Cleanup Activity

Mr Erik Solheim and Adv Afroz Shah both representing the UN, conducted a seminar for students and faculty members of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah on marine plastic pollution followed by a cleanup activity on the banks of the Tapti River.

Community Centres in LA Chicago and Tampa Go Green

Community centers in Chicago and Tampa launch five year plan to eliminate single use disposable products.

Dawoodi Bohras Run for the Oceans on World Oceans Day

On World Oceans Day, community members participated in the Run for the Oceans event to raise awareness about marine plastic pollution.

Alameda Creek Cleanup in San Francisco

Community members in San Francisco lend a hand to the Alameda Creek Alliance in a sustained effort to cleanup the area.

Celebrating World Sparrow Day

To celebrate World Sparrow Day BFI India and Bohra community members distributed bird feeders to locals in an attempt to raise awareness.