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World Cleanup Day Activities in Kuwait, Karachi and Paris

Community members in Kuwait and Karachi marked World Cleanup Day by engaging in cleanup drives.

Bohras Join Keep Irving Beautiful Programme

Community members in Irving joined the Keep Irving Beautiful Programme as a way to give back to the city and local community.

Young Conservationists Participate in Houston Tree Planting Drive

School children from the Houston Bohra community participated in a tree planting drive to better the environment.

Neighbourhood Cleanup Programme in Houston

Community members in Houston participated in yet another cleanup drive as part of the sustained Neighborhood Cleanup Programme.

MSB Karachi Organises Beach Cleanup Activity

Young students from MSB Karachi participated in an educational cleanup drive.

Bohras Organize Cleanup Drive in Vancouver

Community members in Vancouver organised a cleanup drive as part of the community's Turning the Tide movement.

LA Sunset Point Beach Cleanup with Afroz and Surfrider

Community members in LA teamed up with Afroz Shah and Surfrider to clean up Sunset Point Beach.

‘Turning the Tide’ Widens Reach

'Turning the Tide' a community initiative to rid water bodies of pollution, has widened its reach to incorporate multiple sustained efforts throughout the world.

Aljamea Students Turn the Tide Against Plastic Pollution

Students from Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah work hand in hand with Afroz Shah and other volunteers each week to rid the Mithi of plastic pollution.

Students in Karachi Inspire Conservation Through Art

220 students from 14 community schools used the medium of art to express their ideas on environmental conservation.

Tree Planting Drive in Singapore

The Dawoodi Bohra community in Singapore conducted...

Dawoodi Bohras in Singapore Organize Beach Cleanup

Community members in Singapore organised a beach cleanup activity.