Blanket Donation Drive Across India

Community members across India organised blanket donation drives to help the underprivileged combat winter temperatures.

Project Rise Health Camp to Tackle Anaemia in Adolescent Girls

Project Rise in collaboration with Saifee Hospital and other charities, organised a health camp in Karjat to address Anaemia among adolescent girls.

Cycling for the Health of the Planet

The Bohra community in Marol organised a cycling event to promote healthier living as well as to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

Saifee Hospital Tanzania

The inauguration of Saifee Hospital Tanzania marks an invaluable addition to the country's healthcare system.

Anxiety, Tears and Positivity on the Covid-19 Frontline

Dr Huzaifa Adamali is a respiratory specialist at Bristol's Southmead Hospital. He spoke to us about the workings of the virus and his personal challenges at the frontline.

Marathon for Cancer Prevention

BFI and Project Rise sponsored a cancer awareness and prevention marathon in Nagpur.

Nisa Doctors Group on a Mission to Heal

Nisa Doctors is a group of Bohra women from various medical backgrounds coming together to serve the community.

Saifee Hospital Distributes 7500 Saplings for Green Mumbai Initiative

In an effort to bring more greenery to Mumbai, Saifee Hospital distributed 7500 saplings grown in the hospital's in-house nursery.

Pune Health Camp

Free medical camp organised by community members in Pune City

Dubai Bohras Organise Free Medical Camp During Ramadan

Bohra community members in Dubai organised a free medical camp during Ramadan with special emphasis on the negative health impacts of smoking and techniques on how to quit.

Sharjah Medical Camp

To commemorate the Holy month of Ramadan, a free multi speciality medical camp was organised by the Sharjah Bohra community in collaboration with Thumbay Hospital

Bohras in Minneapolis Reach out to Help the Homeless

The Bohra community in Minneapolis contributed to Mary's Place homeless shelter in an attempt to ease the suffering of homeless people during the frigid winter.