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International Women’s Day Celebrations

On International Women’s Day 2020, Dawoodi Bohras ...

Rawdat al-Quran Organised Mumbai Meri Jaan Tourism Festival

Students from the community's Raudat al-Quran al-Kareem school, organised an exhibition celebrating the cultural heritage of Mumbai city.

Bohras Contribute to Indian Thai Sports Day

Community members in Thailand contributed to the 6th annual Indian Thai Sports Day

Bhendi Bazaar’s Home Run

550 families take possession of their newly constructed homes in the Al-Saadah towers located in Bhendi Bazaar Mumbai.

MSB Haidery Annual Fair 2020

MSB students in Haidery Karachi presented their Annual Fair celebrating the origins of the Bohra community and its journey so far.

Kuwait Hold Nerve for Last Ball T10 Triumph, Mumbai Wins in Soccer

Cricket and soccer tournaments in Mumbai and Khandala ended in tirumph for Kuwait and Rigid FC, Mumbai

Istifada ʿIlmiya an Educational Journey

More than 15,000 community members attended this year's educational outreach programme in Surat known as Istifāda ʿIlmiya.

Nairobi Bohras Participate in Festival of Friendship

For the seventh consecutive year, community members in Nairobi participated in the Festival of Friendship sporting event.

Families Start Moving into New Homes in Bhendi Bazaar

15 families took possession of their new flats in Al-Saadah, the first two towers of the city's largest cluster redevelopment project

Community Members Mobilise for the Annual Upliftment Drive

The Hindu By: Jyoti Shelar Mumbai: Last mont...

Bohra Women Organise Car Rally and Treasure Hunt

Bohra women in Visakhapatnam organised a car rally and treasure hunt to celebrate His Holiness' 76th birthday and draw attention towards his message of gender equality and women's education.

US State Department Delegation Visits Aljamea Nairobi

A delegation of US State Department officials and personnel from the US Embassy in Nairobi visited Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah.