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The Shamiana Project by Happy Threads

More than 12000 women collaborated to make a shamiana covering Devdi Mubarak during the annual examinations of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah.

MSB Ski Camp in Gulmarg

MSB Educational Institute organised a ski camp in Gulmarg for 88 students.

Connecting the Dots: MSB Haidery Showcases Annual Art Fest

MSB Educational Institute in Haidery Karachi hosted its annual Art Fest.

Najmi Maternity and Nursing Home: Celebrating 51 Years of Quality Healthcare Services

On India's 73rd Republic Day, Najmi Maternity and Nursing home in Ujjain celebrates its 51st anniversary.

Commemorating 75 Years of Nairobi National Park

Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Nairobi and the Dawoodi Bohras of Kenya presented a lion monument to the KWS on behalf of His Holiness on the 75th anniversary of the Nairobi National Park.

World Food Day 2021

The Community Kitchen that Ensures not a Single Member Goes to Bed Hungry

The Bohra community's FMB initiative strives to ensure that not even a single community member goes to bed hungry the world over

Bohras Pray for End to Pandemic During Ramadan

Community members across the world prayed for an end to the pandemic throughout the holy month of Ramadan

Bohras in North America Begin Safe Return to Masjids

As Covid restrictions are eased across North America, community members start to return to masjids

International Women’s Day 2021

Throughout the history of Islam, exemplary fe...

Sri Lanka’s National Cancer Institute Benefits from His Holiness’ Patronage

His Holiness and the Bohra community contribute towards the expansion of Sri Lanka's National Cancer Institute.

Cycling for the Health of the Planet

The Bohra community in Marol organised a cycling event to promote healthier living as well as to raise awareness about plastic pollution.