Batool Dadabhai

Batool Dadabhai is a prominent business woman in Bahrain. This is her story.

Munira Lakdawala

Munira Lakdawala runs a successful catering business but her journey has been arduous and filled with challenges.

A Baker’s Journey

Zahra Jalal Khan who recently participated in the Great Kenyan Bake Off shares the story of her life's journey.

In Conversation with Jabir Hassanali, an Offshore Safety System Engineer

We speak to Jabir Hassanali about his experience working on offshore oil rigs for over 30 years.

Mustafa Barodawala Wins Silver in Online Archery Competition

Mustafa Barodawala, a faculty member of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, Surat, won silver in an online archery tournament.

Covid Heroes: Saifee Ambulance

We pay tribute to the volunteers at Saifee Ambulance for their heroic service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sister Duo Winning Hearts with their Design

Sakina and Rashida Fida Ali are two enterprising entrepreneurs who have established their own design and print studio.

Not all Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Ridas

Farida and Arwa, residents of Marol, have taken up the fight against plastic pollution in their locality.

Bohras in Singapore Cycle 770 km in Celebration and to Raise Awareness

Community members in Singapore cycled 770km in celebration of His Holiness' 77th birthday and to raise awareness for healthier living.

For Malika Husain of Oman, Art is Like a Spa

Malika Husain, a long time resident of Oman, uses her passion for art to help special needs children.

An Undying Passion for Art

At the age of 72, self taught artist Zulfiqar Husain continues to explore his passion for painting.

Burhani College: Fifty Years of Educational Excellence

This year Burhani College celebrates fifty years of dedicated service to the cause of educating young minds.