A Century of Relationships

Nomanbhoy and Sons has been in business for over a century in Singapore. Hanif Nomanbhoy speaks about the invaluable relationships the business has cultivated and how they are sustained.

In Conversation with Hatim Husain; Recipient of the Rhodes and Schwarzman Scholarships

We speak to Hatim Husain, a lawyer, author, educator and the recipient of both the Rhodes as well as Schwarzman scholarships.

Sailing the Seven Seas: Taher Sawliwala Merchant Seaman

Taher Sawliwala is a sea captain who spends many months a year at sea. On World Oceans Day, we ask him about his life at sea and his observations about the state of water ecosystems around the world.

In Conversation with Environmental Scientist Shabbir Gheewala

Shabbir Gheewala is a professor at the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), Thailand, where he teaches Life Cycle Assessment.

Izzuddin Taherally Awarded Highest Singapore National Day Award

Izzuddin Taherally was awarded the highest Singapore National Day Award by President Yacob for his exemplary social service.

The Supplications of Imam Ali Zayn al-Abideen

The prayers and supplications of Imam Ali Zayn al-Abideen are of immense significance to the Dawoodi Bohras and constitute a mainstay of the holy month of Ramadan’s ritual obligations

The Globalised Dawoodi Bohras

Sifra Lentin, a research fellow at Gateway House, writes about the Bohra community's migration, culture and deeply interconnected nature.

Meet Rashida, Arusha Based Art Entrepreneur and Activist

Rashida Anjarwalla Nurbhai is an artist, activist and entrepreneur. She believes in using her art to positively impact society.

Zahra’s Zest for Quilling

Zahra Ammar is a quilling artist with a taste for literature and a love for geometry.

The Siblings who Narrate Stories on Instagram

Siblings Sakina and Zainab narrate stories with a personal touch on their Instagram handle, @bohrasisters

An Educator and his Passion for Bonsai

Ahmedali Hebatullah, an educator at Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah Nairobi, has a passion for cultivating bonsai in his backyard. He hopes they bring joy to others and inspire them to pursue gardening and tree planting.

Bohra Women Turn Online Entrepreneurs

More and more Bohra women are turning to online platforms to give their businesses a boost.