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Meet the Bohras of Chennai

The Dawoodi Bohra community has called Chennai home for many years. This articles looks at their history, culture and present day initiatives.

Bohra Cuisine: A Pinch of Salt and Desserts First

Bohra cuisine is characterised by unique practices, responsible consumption and delicious dishes.

Ethereal Beauty

In this article, we explore the various conceptions of beauty and how Fatimi philosophy takes a distinctive approach to the matter.

MSB Haidery Annual Fair 2020

MSB students in Haidery Karachi presented their Annual Fair celebrating the origins of the Bohra community and its journey so far.

Badri High School Empowering Through Language

Badri High School Karachi initiated a language learning course for parents

London community hosts Iftar Dinner

The Bohra community in London hosted an Iftar dinner for officials and other guests to better acquaint them with the community's practices and engender inter faith dialogue.

Eid Celebrations in Fremont

Bohras in Fremont host a flag hoisting ceremony on Eid day in a colourful display of patriotism and faith

Congresswoman Lawrence Joins Bohra Interfaith Eid Celebration in Detroit

The Bohra community in Detroit shares messages of peace and unity with friends and neighbours at an interfaith Eid celebration

A Muhalla of Yesterday and Tomorrow

A look at the past and future of Bhendi Bazaar in the wake of the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project

Bonding Over Food The Dawoodi Bohra Way

Bohra cuisine is a hallmark of the community's culture, it brings people together and strengthens the bonds of love and fraternity especially during the holy month of Ramadan

Auburn MP Visits Bohra Masjid in Sydney

The Honourable Ms Lynda Voltz MP of Auburn, visited the Bohra Masjid and community centre in Sydney Australia.

Art Offers a Peek into the Inner World of the Bohras

More than 50 artists from across the world are showcasing their work at the Radiant Arts exhibition in Mumbai entitled, “Roots and Wings”.