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Covid Heroes

Covid Heroes: Saifee Ambulance

We pay tribute to the volunteers at Saifee Ambulance for their heroic service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bohra Volunteers Distribute Rations to Migrating Workers

Dawoodi Bohras join other volunteers to serve migrants food, water during their arduous journey back home.

Dr Kaid Johar Treated Patients Throughout Lockdown

Dr Kaid Johar from Burhani Hospital Neemuch continued treating patients throughout the lockdown period.

The Armour Within and Without

Dr Jamali speaks about the role of his faith as a protective armour in the fight against Covid-19

Covid-19 – Doctors from 3 Continents Share Their Experiences

A number of community doctors spoke to us about their experiences with Covid-19.

Covid-19 A London Medic Speaks from the Frontline

An emergency medic in London shares their experience, emotions and thoughts of battling Covid-19 on the front-line.