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Big Versus Small

In this article we take a look at how Fatimi philosophy engenders an inclusive approach to inquiry and appreciation, where the minute is just as fascinating and worthy of admiration as the colossal, if not more.

Veteran’s Book on Self Defence Stands Test of Time

A self defence guide co-authored by Kaizarali Karimbhai, a veteran Karate black belt and enthusiast, in 2006 finds relevance even today.

Ethereal Beauty

In this article, we explore the various conceptions of beauty and how Fatimi philosophy takes a distinctive approach to the matter.

Houston Teens Launch Startup to Support Coffee Farmers in Yemen

Two brothers, Hasan and Husain Rangwala launch a startup to bring renowned Yemeni coffee to the USA.

Syedna Inaugurates Masjid Extension in Sharjah

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin inaugurated the newly extended Masjid al-Fatimeen in Sharjah.

Bohras Contribute to Indian Thai Sports Day

Community members in Thailand contributed to the 6th annual Indian Thai Sports Day

Bhendi Bazaar’s Home Run

550 families take possession of their newly constructed homes in the Al-Saadah towers located in Bhendi Bazaar Mumbai.

Using Summer Job Earnings to Buy 3D Printers for Elementary Schools

Abitamim Bharmal, a member of the Dallas Bohra community, sets out to give elementary school children the opportunities he did not have while growing up.

Kuwait Hold Nerve for Last Ball T10 Triumph, Mumbai Wins in Soccer

Cricket and soccer tournaments in Mumbai and Khandala ended in tirumph for Kuwait and Rigid FC, Mumbai

Aljamea Faculty Member Takes Bronze at National Archery Competition

Mustafa F Shakir claimed 3 Bronze medals at the National Field Indoor Archery Championship held in Agra

Syedna Donates Seed Balls to Re-Green Kenya

As part of his 76th birthday celebrations, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin donated 76000 seed balls for the reforestation of Kenya's depleting forests.

Syedna Visits Pune

Syedna Saifuddin visits Pune to deliver a sermon commemorating the death anniversary of Moulatuna Fatema al-Zahra.