Behaviour Technician by Day, Baker by Night

Running a part-time, home-based bakery means the only time to bake is late at night.

The excitement of a batch of beautifully baked goodies and their scintillating aromas captured my imagination from the age of 11. 

From using boxed cake mixes with my mother to making brownies on my own for the very first time, I found a passion that put me on a path of creativity and self discovery. 

Gradually that passion manifested in cheesecakes. I loved trying out new recipes and particularly enjoyed customising them.

Baking became my outlet to relax, unwind, and transport myself from all anxieties and worries. It just never felt like a chore. The ingredients, the measurements, the aromas, each element only builds to that exciting feeling when I get down by the oven.

The question was should it remain a personal stress buster that calmed me after a hard day at work or could it be something more? 

Though I currently work as a behaviour technician for kids on the spectrum, I have always felt the need to channel my entrepreneurial spirit. I realised that I can fuel my dream of being truly business-oriented by turning my passion into a part-time business. Thus began my journey as a home baking business owner. 

The foray into part-time

When I made it apparent that I would be taking orders, I got extremely nervous. As a first-time business owner, I didn’t know what to expect and whether people would even be interested. 

My first order was a cheesecake with a blueberry compote and from the very first step to the last, I was a bundle of nerves. I had to make sure it was perfect. I was confident in my ability to bake but apprehensive about  the  presentation. A wave of emotions took over me when I boxed it up and put the sticker of my logo on the box. A moment even the most successful entrepreneurs will always cherish: the first order.

With most cakes, bakers tend to use buttercream for frosting. My favourite type of frosting though is a cream cheese frosting. It gives the cake its moment to shine and the sweetness doesn’t overpower the taste.

Another secret? To stop your cheesecake from cracking, add 1 tbsp of flour per 8oz block of cream cheese (regardless if the recipe calls for it)! Many people do not know this, but all types of cakes can be baked and frozen. This can help if you get free time on a weekend and know you have an outing or a potluck coming up during the week that you won’t get time to bake for. It is the perfect hack to work around that. 

While baking is my passion, it  requires patience. Through my job working with children, I have learned to be patient and believe that that complements my business well. In baking, each ingredient needs to be measured with precision and every step needs to be completed carefully. You cannot rush an order because there are no ways to cut corners to shorten time. 

My family has always been unwavering in their support throughout my journey. Both my parents are excellent cooks and it is to their credit that I have an interest in both cooking and baking.

As I occupy myself with the springform pan, it is the wife and sister-in-law duo who silently manage the marketing side of things to make sure that orders keep coming our way. 

All in all, after transforming my passion into a part-time profession, my entrepreneurial journey as a baker has been full of challenges and surprises keeping me both humble and on my toes. My experiences continue to shape my identity as a baker, all the while giving me a sense of fulfilment for helping make cherished occasions more special.

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June 7, 2024
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