News & EventsUS Consulate in Kolkata Gets a Chirpy Makeover, Thanks to Community Initiative

US Consulate in Kolkata Gets a Chirpy Makeover, Thanks to Community Initiative

Dawoodi Bohras continue their endeavour to protect native bird populations.

Community members in Kolkata collaborated with the United States Consulate to install bird feeders at the Consulate lawns on September 7, 2023. This is part of the community’s continued effort to install bird-feeders in different parts of the city to create awareness towards the protection of native bird populations. Consul General Ms. Melinda Pavek and members of the Consulate’s staff joined community members for the initiative.

The idea was conceptualised when community members visited the consulate on the 4th of July, to congratulate staff members on the occasion of the USA’s Independence Day. This was followed by a meeting where community members briefed the Consulate staff about their bird-nest installation drive across public gardens in Kolkata. The Consulate appreciated the community’s initiative and asked members to install bird nests on the Consulate’s lawns. These bird nests—made from sustainable material—not only serve a decorative purpose but also help in curbing the decline of native bird populations in the city.  The sparrows and mynahs have been especially impacted by loss of habitat due to urbanisation in central Kolkata. 

Taher Totanawala, a community organiser said, ‘Such initiatives are important and need to be pursued urgently to ensure we can sustain the ecological balance in big cities. We hope to inspire other organisations and individuals to embark on similar eco-friendly journeys.’

The Consulate staff was very enthusiastic about the initiative, and Ms. Pavek showed her appreciation by giving the community members a photo book about India-US relations. She also promised to support future collaborations like this one.

This initiative was undertaken under the Project Rise banner, the community’s global philanthropic arm, which seeks to mobilise volunteers across multiple focus areas with the aim of building a more resilient and sustainable future for all.