News of His HolinessHis Holiness Visits Mwanza

His Holiness Visits Mwanza

Inaugurates the First Community Masjid in the City

His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin arrived in Mwanza, Tanzania on August 18, 2023, and was received at the airport by the Honourable Lord Mayor of Mwanza, Mr Sima Constantine Sima, and a delegation of Dawoodi Bohra community members.

This is the sixth time His Holiness has visited the city with the primary objective this time being the inauguration of the first community masjid in the city. Juzer Rangwala, the representative of His Holiness in Mwanza said, “Dawoodi Bohra families in Mwanza, though small in number, have been looking forward to this occasion since the past few years. The masjid will not only serve as a permanent place of worship and spiritual fulfilment but its affiliated dining and banquet facilities will aid in the hosting of functions and marking of occasions that will foster unity and goodwill within community members”.

The Burhani Masjid at Capri point, Mwanza.

His Holiness inaugurated the masjid located at Capri Point on August 19, 2023 and named it Burhani Masjid. During the course of his sermon, His Holiness counselled community members to remain steadfast to the tenets of their faith and welcomed the Lord Mayor of Mwanza, who presented him with the ‘Key to the City’ in recognition of his dedication to fostering peace & advancing societal well-being. 

The Dawoodi Bohras have called Tanzania home for more than two centuries with community members having settled in Mwanza for almost a century. Most community members are engaged in business activities and have been engaging in various socio-economic activities aimed at the region’s growth and development.