In January 2022, 88 students between the ages of 13-16 from seven MSB schools participated in a ski camp at Gulmarg, a popular skiing destination. The trip was planned in two batches and each batch received 8 days of training. Students were divided into three groups according to their skill level; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

‘This is the second season of the skiing programme, which was inspired by the concept of experiential learning,’ said Mr Husain Rampurawala, Head of Department at the MSB Central Office. He went on to explain that in addition to fun and adventure, the trip was meant to bring students out of their comfort zones and expose them to new cultures and experiences. ‘Essentially, it is a skiing trip, however there is much more to it in terms of travelling, interacting with new people and working together as a team.’

This was a new experience for nearly 80% of the students. Having lived in a tropical climate, the snow-laden valley made even the simple task of walking a challenge. However, the students were up for the challenge in equal measure. ‘Young students tackled tough situations with determination and confidence,’ said Mr Aziz Hamid, an accompanying faculty member from MSB Mumbai. One of the students said, ‘We learnt different skills such as snow ploughing and applying brakes while skiing. It was a difficult but enriching experience. This trip has helped build my resilience to face tough challenges in life.’

The trip was organised by MSB Educational Institute, a chain of private English Medium schools established by the late His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin in 1984. Over the years, MSB Educational Institute has expanded its presence around the globe with 25 branches in seven countries: India, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, UAE and Kuwait.