MSB Educational Institute Haidery, Karachi, organised a two day art fest in January 2022 where young artists showcased their budding talents in a diverse display of ideas and expressions.

After completing a four month training programme, almost a hundred students from grade VI onwards participated in the ast fest. The programme included instruction and training on how to use various mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pastels, poster colours, and ink among others.

‘ArtFest 2022’ was based on the concept of the dot. In Fatimi philosophical traditions, the dot is the origin of the line which in turn constitutes all shapes and patterns. It is also symbolic of the manner in which the artistic talents of the participating students flourished from humble origins.

Jamila Udaipurwala, a young student at the institute, explains what art means to her saying: ‘Art has always been soothing for my mind and soul. It has been an outlet for my thoughts, feelings and emotions. It helps to bring out my creativity. It has allowed me to communicate and resonate with people.’ Another student, Ali Asghar Diwan shed light on his inspiration saying, ‘I had the privilege of observing the work of many great artists, both in my community and on social media. This has set a standard of excellence for me to strive for.’