Project RiseBohras in Jamnagar Launch Rainwater Harvesting Project

Bohras in Jamnagar Launch Rainwater Harvesting Project

The Dawoodi Bohra community in Jamnagar organised a conference on Sunday 11th July 2021, to showcase a newly implemented Rainwater Harvesting project at Saifee Masjid Complex, Mulla Medi Road. Mayor Binaben Kothari attended the event alongside His Holiness’ representative in Jamnagar, Abitamim Husamuddin and Jal Yodha Sharadbhai Seth.

The conference also saw the participation of civic authorities, corporates, NGOs, environmental organisations and senior members from the Bohra community.

Mr Aunali Modi, Project Coordinator said, The purpose of this conference is to spread awareness about Rainwater Harvesting and provide a platform for all stakeholders to share best practices and solutions to conserve water, particularly showcasing the recently adopted rainwater harvesting system in our Saifee Masjid Complex.’

Spread over a 4000 sq ft terrace, water collected on the rooftop passes through outlets and filter systems that eventually connect to a well in the Masjid Complex. The entire system runs naturally without need for any mechanical assistance.

‘We’re hopeful that our rainwater harvesting approach will help increase the groundwater level,’ he added.

This water conservation initiative is supported by Project Rise, the Dawoodi Bohra community’s global philanthropic arm along with its environmental awareness and conservation organisation, Burhani Foundation. Rotary Club Imagica is also associated with this project.