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President Mwinyi of Zanzibar met with members of the Bohra community from Zanzibar and the Mainland at State House last week. The delegation was led by Sheikh Tayabali Patanwalla, representative of His Holiness TUS in Dar es Salam.

The president informed the Bohra delegation that the doors were open to investors from the community, considering that a majority of community members are business people and entrepreneurs.

‘Zanzibar has a wide range of investment opportunities especially in the field of industry,’ he said, urging the community to chip in and explore those opportunities.

The President underlined the importance of investments to help in providing employment for young people, noting that his government would continue to work with the community in ensuring strong ties to develop and strengthen various sectors.

President Mwinyi commended the community for supporting the Zanzibar government in health services and education in particular. He further expressed gratitude to the global spiritual leader of the Bohra community, Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin for his greetings which were presented by the delegation in the meeting.

President Mwinyi promised that the Zanzibar government would continue to work with the community shoulder to shoulder.

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