The newly designed logo takes inspiration from the plant in a vase motif found in al-Jāmiʿ al-Aqmar. It is reminiscent of the Prophetic tradition: ‘Hasan and Husain are my raihana in the world.’ Raihan is a fragrant plant with great symbolic relevance in Fatimi philosophy.

Conceived by al-Imam al-Amir AS, al-Jāmiʿ al-Aqmar, luminous like the moon, is symbolic of the duʿāt whose appointment came as a directive by Imam Amir AS to Moulatuna al-Hurra al-Malika RA and who function in the period of seclusion like the moon; reflecting light from the sun.

In a sense, the motif speaks of many integral elements that define the Dawoodi Bohra community’s identity. It speaks of the community’s enduring growth and vibrancy, the great emphasis placed within the community on the fragrance of knowledge and good etiquette and the community’s devout allegiance to the Fatimi duʿāt and the Fatimiyyīn Aʾimma who are descendants of Imam Hasan AS and Husain AS.

The Holy Quran likens the kalima tayyiba to a pleasant tree whose roots are firmly planted, with branches extending towards the skies. The Bohra community is distinguished by this very ethos. Staying true to its roots while embracing all the goodness of modernity, progress and advancement.