Dr Kaid Johar gives a consultation during lockdown

The Free Press Journal

Neemuch:Most private doctors had closed down their clinics and hospital due to the speedy spread of coronavirus, but Dr Sheikh Kaid Johar of Rampura, keeping his Hippocratic Oath served the patients even amid lockdown at Burhani Hospital.

Dr Kaid Johar has been serving at the Burhani Hospital since 1986. Burhani Hospital is one of the renowned hospitals of the area. Dr Johar mostly treats patients of asthma, tuberculosis, diabetes and respiratory ailments. Patients from Rampura, and nearby places like Shivpuri, Dewas, Indore and Neemuch and even from Rajasthan seek treatment from Dr Johar.

At a time when most doctors look at their patients as a currency minting machine, Dr Johar stuck to the path shown by his Bohra community leader Syedna and charged the patients an extremely low fees. He also provides medicines at cheap rates to TB and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients, with help from Alliance Club. He has also tied up with local pharmacist Ashish Wadhwa, who provides medicines to patients of epilepsy at breakeven.

Dr Johar’s son Murtaza, who is also a doctor, assists him. The hospital remained open throughout the lockdown, for the service of the common man. Dr Johar said that some patients from containment and red zone areas were diagnosed over video calls. The entire staff of Burhani Hospital is providing their selfless service to the people.

Dr Murtaza Johar said that his father has been of the opinion, from beginning, that he had become a doctor only to serve his patients. He continued, ‘Patients knock on hospital doors and rely on us. If we are not able to serve them, then who will?’

Dr Johar said that Syedna had built the hospital and he wants to stand true to his expectations. The hospital is sanitised twice a day. A transparent curtain has been put up between the patient and doctor for extra precaution. The doctors not just provide the disease related diagnosis, but a comprehensive set of precautions for the Coronavirus as well.

Collector Jitendra Singh Raje personally thanked Dr Johar for his invaluable service. He said that it is great that they are providing service even in such times. He said that most people like to rely on private hospitals and at such times when all the load is on government hospitals, people like Dr Johar are sharing the load.

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