The Dawoodi Bohra community of Collin County is in the process of building a masjid in McKinney, but for now, volunteers are setting up shop at the masjid to provide meals for those who need them.

In April, the community surveyed members of Collin County on what foods were most needed and held a food drive. ‘Food is a basic need for every single person,’ said Rashida Rasheed, president of the Women’s Organisation in the local community.

The community, made up of about 70 families, mostly resides in Plano. Rasheed said the organisation regularly holds food drives and performs other acts of volunteerism. ‘Especially during this time, our organisation is directed to reach out and make sure that we can do our part in helping those in need,’ she said.

The food drive was aimed toward people experiencing financial stress. Rasheed said the women’s organisation hoped the meals would allow for individuals to focus their energy outside of the kitchen. ‘This drive was initiated so that wholesome meals could be provided and people would have time to concentrate on growing professionally or to spend their time in other productive ways,’ she said. ‘Bohras believe that nobody should go to bed hungry and that it is their duty to help vulnerable members of society,’ a release from the Collin County chapter reads. Rasheed said the organisation’s efforts come easily to the denomination as religious leaders encourage members to perform acts of service.

Bohra women in Collin County also sewed over 200 masks in recent weeks to give to healthcare workers. The drive and mask initiatives were part of Project Rise, an international philanthropic program organised by the community. ‘The Dawoodi Bohras will continue to support the needy and vulnerable in Plano, Collin County, well after the pandemic has subsided,’ Rasheed said.

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