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First published in 2006, the book Defending yourself Keep fit techniques to ward off attackers is a handy guide to basic self defence techniques.

Put together by Kaizerali Burhani Karimbhai, with the help of seasoned writer and editor Kul Bushan, it offers tips on how one can face a burglar.

The guide is all the more relevant especially in an era where mobile phone thieves lurk around every other corner, particularly in major towns and cities.

‘In addition to facing attackers, this book empowers you to prevent injuries by a mugger, a burglar or criminal, builds agility, flexibility and helps in reducing weight, burning body cholesterol and preventing many fatal diseases,’ writes Bushan.

‘The book also helps generate self-confidence and brings about tranquility, evaporates anger and replaces it with calmness, even when faced with a difficult situation.’

Through the extensive use of diagrams, short stories and even drawing analogies from famous karate movies, Kaizerali seeks to attach relevance to his teachings.

His faith also drives his passion. ‘Kaizerali is a respected member and an elder of the Dawoodi Bohra Community,’ Bushan, a former business editor at the Daily Nation wrote in the book forward.

‘For his contribution as a senior managing Committee Member of Nairobi’s Bohra Community for many decades, the late His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA bestowed on him the title ‘Shaikh’ in 1977 and ‘NDI’ in 1997.’

In 1984, the Government of Japan awarded Kaizerali with a gold medal for his services for the promotion of karate.

Kaizerali also served as chairman of the Nairobi Karate Do Association from 1980 to 1992 and the Karimbhai family has been associated with Kenya’s national karate teams over the years at regional tournaments and also at the World Championships. ‘The 40 odd karate clubs in Nairobi and around 100 in Kenya owe a great deal to the Karimbhai factor,’ wrote Bushan.

The Daily Nation reviewed Kaizerali’s book:

‘A simple to read and do-it-yourself book, it is useful for the young and the old. Schools lack a book that dwells on self-defence. Teachers will find this book easy to follow at primary and secondary levels. Interested students of martial arts may require their own copy.’

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