Mr Najeeb Haroon interacting with students

Students from standard 8 at MSB Haidery campus presented the ‘Annual Fair 2020’ on the topic of ‘Community Members Around the World’. The Fair highlighted the journey of the Dawoodi Bohra community and its spread across the world from the native lands of India, Pakistan, Egypt and Yemen. The idea was to display how community members residing in different parts of the world embrace new and diverse cultures while maintaining a deep sense of faith and safeguarding their own cultural heritage.

Mr Najeeb Haroon, Member of the National Assembly, praised the extensive research conducted by the students, as did Justice Qamruddin, Dr Waliuddin, Vice Chancellor of Sir Syed University and Ms Seema Mughal, Vice Chancellor of Greenwich University.

Mr Michael Pearson, an educationist at the British Pathways School inaugurated the fair and stated that it portrayed how well the students have communicated in group learning and that their excitement and enthusiasm is very encouraging to witness.