Written by: Alifia S Bhol

When I was in college, I remember my professor telling us, ‘if you want to be a part of the patient care team in any hospital or elsewhere, you need to be thoroughly sound in your nutrition knowledge.’ That point has stayed with me till today.

As a fraternity, The Indian Dietetic Association has come a long way and dietitians are no longer looked upon merely as a means to lose weight. Instead, qualified dietitians hold an integral place in the healthcare industry and contribute a major part in preventing and treating illnesses through food & nutrition.

Coming back, it all started with me being added to a Whatsapp group called ‘Nisa (female) Doctors’ in Mumbai through a doctor friend. This group had several lady doctors from all specialisations including surgeons, homeopaths, psychologists, physiotherapists, dentists and a few dietitians.

I was thrilled to be a part of a patient care team with other like minded medicos. I remember asking Dr Umaima Merchant if I could bring more qualified dietitians and nutritionists to be added to the forum. She happily and instantly agreed. I saw myself as a mediator between qualified dietitians and doctors and wish to continue doing so. Basically, what I developed was ‘happiness in oneness’: Nisa Doctors gave me the upliftment opportunity I was always looking for. Not just for myself but also for my dietitian fraternity; all healthcare professionals at the same level.

It made me realise that this is what Islam and the teachings of His Holiness TUS required of us. To uplift, help and understand. To prosper as a team. Nisa Doctors did just that.

Nisa Doctors is a group of lady Doctors situated in Mumbai, wherein we interact, share knowledge, help out with references and grow together. We aim for it to be a medium to reach out to the people of the community with our knowledge and support solely for the purpose of welfare.

Recently Nisa Doctors group held a CME (Continuing Medical Education) session on compression only life support. It was an interactive session and workshop organised at Saifee Hospital Auditorium, Mumbai by Nisa, for Nisa members. The topics covered were: compression, airway & breathing, defibrillation and AED.

Presentations by experienced and prominent doctors were coupled with a live demo on mannequins to learn the right techniques followed by a question answer round to clear our queries. It was an excellent initiative for members of the group. I did it for the first time and can proudly say, now I can save a life if need be!

Nisa Doctors has also taken up the initiative of offering geriatric care as part of this year’s Upliftment activities.

In conclusion I would like to say that Nisa Doctors is a fine example of women empowerment within the Dawoodi Bohra community and great things can be achieved when come together in pursuit of a common goal.