Four students from MSB Educational Institute share their reflections after participating in 2019’s Model UN Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ummaima Fakhri – Class X

(MSB Educational Institute – Bangalore)

Model United Nations teaches its participants not only about the problems faced by the world but also how to resolve these by giving equal importance to every human living in it.

WIMUN posed situations in which I had to make decisions judged not by what the majority wanted but what left everyone satisfied. I learned that every opinion has equal importance, and that a leader is not someone who knows the problem and forms a solution to keep the majority happy but is someone who keeps everyone happy.

Model United Nations does not teach us how we frame our problems; rather, it teaches us how we get the best solutions for the problems, and not as mere students but as the responsible youth of the world who are its future leaders. MUN trained me to prove my point in front of any audience, and to be a good representative of people working hard every day for their survival.

The three days that I spent there gave me the actual experience of what it is to be a hope for a country, a representative and the outcome of all the hard work it took to reach there.

For every student who yearns for opportunities in which they can make a change in this world and make it a better place to live, I would recommend grabbing this opportunity.

Umaima speaking with WIMUN found William Yotive

Amatullah Kanchwala – Class IX

(MSB Educational Institute – Pune)

At the WIMUN conference, you sit with people of different ideologies and different cultures. Yet, they all strive to solve problems faced by masses and suddenly you become a part of the bigger picture. In essence, that is what WIMUN is about; learning from different people, absorbing new cultures and being a part of the bigger picture.

The WIMUN Conference took place in the city of Geneva on the 31st October 2019 with delegates coming from all over the world. The conference was a whole different platform made for delegates to interact, learn and seek to change the world by raising their voices and making them heard in the actual UN. I was given the topic Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space for which I made resolutions with the help of my fellow delegates.

The WIMUN platform was an exciting and tremendous learning experience. My most memorable moment apart from the conference days was the visit to the Chocolate Factory where we gorged on as many chocolates as we could and departed with sweet memories.

Mohammed Abbasi – Class X

(MSB Educational Institute – Pune)

What do you think of when someone mentions good chocolates, watches, the Alps, cows and cheese? Switzerland of course.

The Geneva WIMUN visit transformed me from an introvert into a confident speaker waiting to grab every opportunity to express my thoughts. Making a decision, composing short scripts to deliver, and creating an impression by flawless delivery are a few skills I developed during the sessions. The experience of being in the shoes of a delegate and debating global issues is just unforgettable. Overall it has developed my interest in global issues.

My visit to CERN was the most interesting one as we saw how physicists and engineers use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – fundamental particles.

The view of the city was breathtaking and I keep reminiscing every moment.

I would like to thank MSB and my teachers for their guidance throughout my journey.

Naqiya Saifee – Class X

(MSB Educational Institute – Nagpur)

On the final day of the conference, in the last committee session our Secretary General said something that hit home. She said – and I quote, “You made a single four page resolution, they make 90 resolutions of around 60 pages each. You did this for three days, they do it for 365 days. You did it for 6 hours straight, they do it for 12 or more hours. Now did you learn to appreciate your UN ambassadors?”

That is when I realized how hard they work for our world. The WIMUN conference has taught me the importance of consensus. How to respect someone else’s opinion, how to let go of trivial matters for the sake of the bigger picture. After interacting with numerous delegates I came to a better understanding of human kind, how small we are in the grand scheme of things and what wonders the world holds for us.

If you ask me what WIMUN has taught me, I’ll simply say diplomacy because that’s all you require to put your best foot forward, for our sake and the world’s.